Squid Papers is a writing and tutoring service that operates online. The following are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, make a request and ask one!

1. How does Squid Papers work?

Customers who require custom-written essays, personal statements, thesis, and other forms of projects can turn to Squid Papers for assistance. You submit your project requirements via our request form, our writers review them, and then offer you a price (you'll be notified when they do), which you can accept if you think it's fair.

According to the instructions you supply, all assignments, essays, term papers, dissertations, and other types of papers are prepared from scratch. These writings are entirely unique, but they should only be used for research and study reasons. Plagiarism of any type is not tolerated in our industry, and submitting one of our assignments violates the academic code of conduct at your institution of higher learning.

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2. Do Squid Papers Provide Plagiarism-Free Assignments?

Yes, of course. Everything is written from scratch, and we always offer FREE works cited pages with accurate citations. We can write in APA, MLA, Chicago, and a variety of other styles. Papers are intended to serve as examples of how a flawless essay should be written, and we do not encourage students to submit writings for academic credit. It's possible that you'll be breaking your academic code of conduct if you do so. For additional information on how to use purchased essays, please visit our Terms of Service.

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3. Who are your writers & tutors?

Any Squid Papers tutor is a senior in college or a recent college graduate from a renowned university. They've been thoroughly vetted to ensure customer satisfaction on all assignments. Squid Papers writers must be exceptional writers, communicators, and meticulous detail-oriented.

Other writing businesses outsource their writing operations to foreign countries since it is less expensive and allows them to earn more money, but the quality always suffers as a result. As a result, Squid Papers ensures that all authors are native English speakers, ensuring the highest quality projects and papers.

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4. What subjects are normally covered?

Our writers' expertise spans a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following:

American History, World History, Religion, Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Film and Theater, Business, Music, Media, Art, and many more!

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5. What mode of payment does Squid Papers accept?

● Paypal
● Cash App
● Credit Card/Visa

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6. Is Squid Papers legit? Does it guarantee good work?

We're as genuine as they come. We guarantee and ensure that we will do everything possible to complete the job according to the requirements you supply. Other writing services, such as ours, may be less expensive, but this is due to lower quality. Because of our great quality, we have a lot of favorable feedback and, unfortunately, some higher prices. You receive what you pay for in life so that I wouldn't be cheap in this area of employment. Remember, you get native-English-speaking, college-educated authors from Killer Papers, as well as a guarantee. Many other essay writing businesses employ foreign authors and have a long list of bad reviews with the Better Business Bureau.

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7. Do you write in any citation style (MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago, etc.)?

YES. Our authors are all college graduates who have walked in your shoes and can assist you with any required style in your assignment.

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8. What is the Pricing?

Pricing at Squid Papers varies depending on the length of the assignment and the deadline you set, as well as a number of other considerations. In general, you may anticipate paying between $20 and $30 for each double-spaced page. Upon request, a FREE work cited page is included with every essay. When submitting your projects, that does not count as a page.

Once you submit a request, pricing for projects such as PowerPoints, study guides, speeches, and more can be provided.

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9. Will the assigned writer follow all assignment instructions?

Without a doubt! After your first sign-up, you'll be given a personal order form to fill out with all of your instructions and any materials the writer will need to complete your essay. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with your essay writer, discuss any specific details, and ask any questions.

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10. Will my paper be revised if the need arises?

First and foremost, we always try our utmost to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, there are times when assignment needs to be rectified or changed. This isn't a problem because we provide an infinite amount of free edits till you're satisfied with the outcome. Simply contact your paper writing specialist, and they will gladly make any necessary modifications.

Our write my essay service support team is also available 24/7 to help you!

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11. How confidential are Squid papers writers?

Our essay writing service places a premium on privacy, ensuring that all interactions are private and secure. We never share your personal information or data with anybody else, and all communication is limited to you and your essay writer.

We understand that you may require more information, so if you would like to learn more about how we provide security, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer care staff.

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12. How will I receive my assignment from the writer?

Your professional paper writer will work to the deadline you set once you have hired someone to write my essay and supplied all of your materials and directions. You'll receive an email notification when your writer is finished, and the work will be sent to your preferred email.

When this happens, please double-check the paper to ensure that it meets all of your specifications, including the content, formatting, and referencing you specified in your first order. If you believe something on your assignment needs to be changed, take advantage of our unlimited changes policy.

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13. Why do I have to pay first?

The reason we ask for a deposit upfront is merely to provide protection for our writers. If a customer places an order, hires a writer, and then disappears, the writer has wasted their time doing a paper that is no longer required. This policy is in place to ensure that our writers are appropriately treated. Our writers are busy professionals who value their time. Furthermore, money from your account is not given to the writer until you approve the transaction.

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14. Which Assignment help service is the best?

When selecting an assignment writing service, look for one that provides well-written papers on time. You want an essay writing service that hires talented writers whose first language is English. Punctuality is crucial because you need to meet your deadlines, but you also want an essay writing service that uses capable authors whose first language is English. Many services will scrimp on quality by hiring non-native English writers to complete their work, resulting in poorly written essays. Working with a service provider that employs native English speakers who understand how to write assignments, know the ins and outs of citation styles, and have a reputation for meeting deadlines will yield the most significant outcomes.

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15. How about I need help with structuring my essay? Is it possible?

Absolutely! Although essay writing is one of our most popular services, we understand that many students will require assistance with the actual structure. We're happy to announce that we have some comprehensive papers on how to format an essay. Kindly contact support, and we will assign you to an editor who will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end.

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16. How long does it take you to do and deliver my assignment?

At Squid Papers, we are committed to completing your project on time, every time. If you require a 2000-word essay, it can be completed in 24 hours or less after your request has been confirmed. When it comes to projects that involve extensive research, we ask that you submit an order with enough time to complete it to meet the extremely high standards required.

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17. Is it Legal to get assignment help?

Yes, it is quite lawful to seek assistance when necessary. When you buy an assignment from us, you buy the rights to it, and you become the sole owner of it. You are absolutely free to do anything you want with the order once you have downloaded it.

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18. Am I able to contact my writer directly?

You can communicate directly with your writer about any issues or requests. If the writer does not answer, our customer care team is always available to help.

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19. Will anyone know that I have used a writing service?

No. We have a non-disclosure policy in place that prevents our team from revealing your personal information to anyone outside of our partnership.

There's also no need to be worried about plagiarism. All of the papers are original research that has never been published before.

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20. Why is writing essays so hard?

Most students struggle with essays and other comparable projects since they necessitate strong writing and research abilities. These abilities take time to develop. Therefore it makes sense to employ an online essay writer to help you earn a good score while you work on them.

Essays might also be difficult if you lack knowledge in a particular topic area. In this scenario, you'll need the assistance of a professional author who is familiar with the subject and can assist you in selecting the best sources for your paper

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